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The Castle Tactical Story

Castle Tactical is located in the Albuquerque metro area, New Mexico, which is in fact a state in the United States – it’s wedged between Arizona and Texas. 

Scott Coons, the designer of the Knight Sentry Concealment Headboard, was concerned about his young daughters’ safety with firearms in the house. So he set about engineering a solution. Sure, a gun safe would work, but it created what he called “the gun owner’s paradox” – the condition that makes defensive gun ownership pointless by locking them up in a big metal box. You may as well have a baseball card collection or a box of fine cigars locked in there, as those would be equally useful in a home invasion when you can’t remember your combination under duress, or don’t have enough time in the first place.

So the goal was to make  your guns secure AND have them easily accessible.  There probably isn’t a gun owner out there who hasn’t contemplated this quandary at some point.  But how to solve it?

Enter the Knight Sentry. First, guns had to be secure. Easy – metal box with a lock. Second, you had to be able to get to it fast.  Not as easy…  After a lot of thought and running through scenarios, situational awareness was taken into consideration. When do you have the least situational awareness during the day?  When you’re snoring like a chainsaw, that’s when. Your situational awareness is at ZERO when you’re asleep.  It’s also when you’re most vulnerable to a home invader.

Not anymore.  You can go from being sound asleep to armed and ready to defend inside of two seconds (you read that right).  

You want all the time you can get when someone is creeping around your house and your kids are down the hall.  You can be instantly armed and there to protect them and yourself in far less time than it would take with other storage solutions.  

Simply put the key in the Knight Sentry as you get into bed, and unlock it.  Now it’s ready to deploy if needed.  You’re in bed, so YOU provide a barrier between your weapons and whoever you don’t want near them while it’s unlocked.  When you get up in the morning, lock it up and go about your day.  Your guns are safe and secure even during that daytime home invasion when you’re at work.  Unfortunate, but it happens all the time.

Here's the bottom line: Your Home is Your Castle. Defend It.

Castle Tactical

New Mexico, USA