Important Information:

The Armory System is now available to order. In the coming days there will be more information and products coming online.  The Armory Panels are designed to mount directly to wall studs that are 16″ on center.  There IS a cleat system available for those instances where you cannot position the panels directly over wall studs. Check back soon for full information as well as installation instructions.

Product Information

Armory Storage/Display System

Highly Flexible Storage/Display System:

The Armory System is an attractive, easy-to-use means of storing and displaying your firearms and related equipment. The system consists of heavy steel slotted panels of several useful sizes, and a wide range of attachment accessories with which to hold various types of firearms. Most attachment accessories have a high-density non-marring polymer core on which your weapons rest, protecting the finish against scuffing and galvanic corrosion.

Tool-Less Configuration:

Our unique, Patent-Pending method of securing the attachments requires no tools or screws to ensure that the attachment will not move or come loose once you’ve decided where it will go.  This allows for easy setup as you move attachments to the perfect location. 

Easy DIY Panel Installation:

The foundation of The Armory System are the heavy steel panels which are 16 or 32 inches in width – the same as standard studs spacing in most homes.  This allows for secure installation directly to studs so that the panels will not fail under significant loading.

In the event that the panels cannot be installed directly to the studs, a cleat system is available to ensure that there is at least one hardpoint per panel that attaches to a stud. Then the panels can attach to the cleat and wallboard with wall anchors.

The Castle Tactical Armory System, Now Available for Purchase.

Knight Sentry Concealment Headboard

Secure Storage, Fast Retrieval:

The Knight Sentry Concealment Headboard is a revolutionary product that keeps your home defense firearms secure while allowing for almost instant retrieval in the event that you’re faced with a home invader while you sleep.

Coming Soon:

In response to valuable and welcome feedback from our potential customers, we’ve decided to make some design revisions to make the Knight Sentry more appealing and affordable.