Product Information

Knight Sentry Concealment Headboard

In this section we will go into detail about the Knight Sentry and the different variants so you’ll know what you are getting and you’ll feel good about making a purchase. 

How It Works:

The Headboard consists of several major components that work together. First, there’s an all-metal gun cabinet that is concealed by the top panel of the headboard.  This cabinet has a full-width, full-height door that is hinged at the top. The bottom panel of the headboard is hinged at the bottom and pivots inward a couple inches.  To access the headboard, you push the bottom panel in and slide your fingers behind the door of the cabinet and pull it open.  It is a very natural, intuitive motion that is mastered in a matter of minutes. Once the door is open about 5 or 6 inches, gas springs take over and open the door the rest of the way for you so you can begin retrieving your weapon of choice.

Where You Put Your Rapid-Access Defense Weapon:

The most accessible place to put your weapon would be the inside of the door where you would position it in the best location that works for you.  Whether you are left-handed or right, you have the entire inside of the door on which to locate your weapon.

The section below (Setting Up Your Knight Sentry) has a more detailed explanation of how the storage can be configured.

How You Attach Your Other Weapons for Storage:

On the inside of the door and back of the cabinet are proprietary pegboard-like panels.  We make a wide variety of hooks, small shelves, and other accessories that have been designed specifically for the Knight Sentry. You can configure them however you want with the included accessories. Additional accessories are available for purchase.

On the door we recommend using large zip ties (included) to affix a good-fitting holster or scabbard from which to draw your primary weapon, as the door moves from a vertical orientation to horizontal.  You don’t want loaded guns dropping on your head when you open the door.  We’ve found that a basic $10 universal MOLLE holster works well for handguns. We’ve also used a Mossberg Shockwave with a scabbard and while it worked well, it did take a little more care to draw than a handgun, as you might imagine.

How It’s Made:

First, we begin with an all-metal gun cabinet and metal mounting brackets.  We use a high-security Abloy lock to secure the door.

The posts and panels of the headboard start out as high-quality Baltic birch, which is then skinned under heat and high pressure with a high- quality laminate product by StevensWood, or in some cases, Rehau or Wilsonart. 

Options and Accessories:

Two Height Options:
  1. Standard height accommodates a traditional mattress/foundation set.
  2. Platform height is shorter to accommodate only a mattress. When using a traditional metal frame, you will also need a bunkie board or some other type of low-profile foundation.

We do not include a bed frame with the Knight Sentry. We may offer them at additional cost soon.

Last but not least, you’ll get an accessory pack that includes hooks for mounting your firearms to the back of the cabinet for storage, a user manual, keys to the lock, and other important items.

Setting Up Your Knight Sentry

The Knight Sentry Concealment Headboard was designed for two main purposes:
  1. To provide an easy way to access firearms while keeping them secure, and

  2. To provide secure storage for several other guns, or valuables of your choosing.

As such, it is not a do-everything product. It does what it was designed to do very well, but there are a few things it is not:  

It is not fire-rated.  Don’t use this for your most valuable firearms.  Use it for your work guns – the ones you use for self-defense that are replaceable by insurance.  

It is also not large-capacity.  The illustration above shows the proportions of the gun cabinet is and approximately what will fit inside.  There is a mounting panel on the door, and an identical panel inside the cabinet. It will fit quite a lot, but if you have a large collection, you might consider a good fire-rated gun safe to store them in. Having said that, if the Knight Sentry is all you can afford in the way of secure gun storage, it will indeed do that quite well.

Where You Put Your Rapid-Access Defense Weapon:

As mentioned above, begin with your go-to defense weapon. In this case, we’ve defined it as a Glock handgun, shown in red.  The user would place it on the DOOR where it’s most easily accessed based on where you sleep in the bed, etc.  Experiment with placement and find what works best for you. This might take a while, but once you find the right position, you’ll be able to open the door and draw your gun in two seconds or less.

Once the primary weapon is located on the door (red Glock), keep the mounting panel INSIDE clear in the area corresponding to its location.  This is because the headboard is as thin as we could make it and still contain most guns in ONE layer.  If you have a gun on the inside where the gun on the door is going to be, they will interfere and you won’t be able to close the door. Once you’ve established the area that needs to remain clear, you can put whatever you like inside the cabinet.  In this example we have an AR-15 carbine, a tactical-length shotgun, and an addition two handguns, plus an armorer’s wrench, and there’s still space to put other things here and there.

We recommend putting only one weapon on the door, and store the rest of your gear inside the cabinet. You can put two weapons on the door if you prefer, but they should be light/small such as handguns or maybe a shorty shotgun/handgun combo. Anything heavier may adversely affect the function of the door.