Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Sales for the Knight Sentry will commence mid-April 2023 at the NRA Exhibits in Indianapolis. It is believed that enough units will be ordered to begin full production. By ordering one, you’re personally helping an American company come into existence and hire American workers.  When we reach our 100th sale, we will commence regular production. Setting up a facility while sourced components are being made will make initial orders take a little longer at 6-10 weeks. Once in full production, regular lead times will diminish to 3 to 4 weeks.  Keep in mind this is a semi-custom product that will have features that you specify.  Also, we contract many of the components and OUR wait times are 4-6 weeks on some of those.

In return for your patience, the first 100 customers will enjoy an introductory discount, and eligibility to WIN the unit they ordered FREE.   In fact, we will choose a winner from the second 100 orders as well, if that condition exists.

Because of the longer early lead times, we will honor refund requests right up to the point when your unit goes into production.

A: The Knight Sentry is a fully manufactured product made to modern standards.  It consists of a full metal enclosure, secured by a state-of-the-art, pick-proof Abloy cam lock. The mounting system inside is a proprietary, patent-pending design we call the Armory System.

The wood components begin with Baltic Birch, a very strong laminate hardwood product. The color/style is determined by a bonded laminate product that duplicates the look and texture of wood incredibly well, but lacks the high-maintenance issues of wood. The overall design makes for a very durable product.

For most styles, we use StevensWood laminate, and we also use Rehau and Wilsonart for a couple specialty items.

A: You get the headboard itself, a mounting system accessory pack of your choosing, and a pair of adapter plates for use with most commercial bed frames. 

We highly recommend using a heavy-duty USA-made steel bed frame from Knickerbocker.  Our mounting brackets are designed for use with Knickerbocker frames, but can be used with almost any brand.

A: For now, we only make Queen size headboards. Why? Queen beds are by far the most popular, comprising 70% of all mattress/bed sales. King size comes in a distant second at 15%.  We have plans for a King Size version of the Knight Sentry, but they will be decidedly more expensive for several reasons. If you want a King size and don’t mind the added expense, please let us know.

A: There are several ‘levels’ of what you might consider to be custom work.  If you want a hot pink headboard, we can make you a hot pink headboard. This would only be a matter of choosing a different laminate, and probably won’t affect cost that much. It will affect the lead time, however.

We will be accepting requests for bespoke pieces eventually, but we need to get our processes running efficiently before we get ahead of ourselves.   Do you see a style that is similar to what you have in mind?  Maybe we can do something.  Call us and we’ll figure it out

A: That depends on the size of the guns, right?  Most Americans could probably fit their entire collection of 3 or 4 guns inside and it will serve that purpose just fine.  However, the function of the Knight Sentry is to securely keep your preferred defense weapon available to you as fast as possible. There’s a better explanation on our PRODUCT INFO page.

By the way, if you’re not into guns, you can still use the Knight Sentry to store other defense measures: Bear spray, a Louisville Slugger, a Taser, your Mother-in-Law’s Meatloaf… You get the idea.

Ah yes, taxes.  The State of New Mexico doesn’t have a “sales tax” per se, it is called “Gross Receipts Tax” or GRT.  New Mexico residents get charged the full rate of state, county, and municipality where the item will be shipped.  It seems for now that out-of-state orders will not be charged GRT. 

We use UPS Ground for shipping, and we’ve negotiated the best rate possible.  When you put your address in, you will get the full array of UPS Services from which to choose, so if you want to get your shipment overnight, you’re more than welcome to select that option.  However, UPS Ground is the best rate.

If you live within driving distance or will be passing through,  you can save shipping costs by picking it up from our location.

Yes, it comes with a one-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. If you have problem with a unit that is out of warranty, give us a call and maybe we can help you figure it out.