Knight Sentry Overview

Secure Storage? Check. Rapid Access? Check.

These are the two big requirements we set out to meet with the Knight Sentry Rapid-Access Concealment Headboard. But we didn’t stop there:

Wide range of style choices and finishes? Check. Choice of form factor? Check. Choice of weapon placement? Check. Lock Placement? Check. Affordable? Check.

The Knight Sentry is a robust metal gun cabinet with a particular set of features. It’s hidden behind wood furniture components to disguise it as a beautiful headboard.  Actually, it IS a headboard, when you’re not defending yourself. 

On the inside of the door you attach your go-to defense weapon.  It’s there that you’ll be reaching and arming yourself within seconds. You can use almost whatever weapon you prefer to keep yourself and loved ones safe: Handgun, AR, AK, Short Shotgun – they’ll all work.  Then you have the rest of the volume to store your backup weapons and whatever else you want to keep secured. You can fit 3 long guns and a couple handguns in the cabinet while having a go-to handgun mounted on the door.

The best part? It’s Made in the USA!

The product we designed exceeded our own expectations, and we hope it exceeds yours, too.


Even the most basic Knight Sentry is a semi-custom product. It is configurable to your own likes and needs:

In our Standard models, you can:

  • Choose the wood species
  • Choose the finish
  • Choose whether the lock is located on the left post or the right post

That gives you quite a wide variety of products from which to choose. Going a step further, if you like a style but don’t see the finish you envision for your headboard in the choices offered, you can call us and we’ll see about getting that made for you the way you want it.  There might be a small charge for that, but we’re not in the business of exploiting people.